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Set sail into the future with iPhone LiDAR and 3D scanning of your boat!

3D scanned boat
3D scanned motorboat. Scanned with iPhone 13Pro and free 3D Scanner app.

Gone are the days of wrestling with tape measures and scribbling notes! Measuring any boat just got a whole lot smoother thanks to the magic of iPhone Lidar scanners and 3D scanning apps. That’s right, you can ditch the traditional methods and embrace the future of measuring your vessel with just your smartphone!

What’s this Lidar magic you speak of?

Lidar, short for Light Detection and Ranging, is a laser-based technology that your iPhone uses to create a detailed 3D map of its surroundings. It’s like having a tiny, super-accurate sonar system in your pocket, perfect for capturing the dimensions of your sailboat with impressive precision.

So, how does this 3D scanning business work?

There are several fantastic apps available that leverage your iPhone’s Lidar capabilities to create 3D scans. These apps guide you through a simple process of walking around your boat, capturing data points with your phone’s camera. The app then stitches these points together, forming a complete and accurate 3D model of your vessel.

But why go through all this fancy tech stuff?

The benefits are vast. Imagine:

  • Effortless measurements: No more struggling with tape measures or climbing precarious spots. Capture precise measurements of any part of your boat, from the bowsprit to the transom, with just a few swipes of your phone.
  • Detailed 3D model: Have a virtual replica of your boat at your fingertips! This is invaluable for planning repairs, upgrades, or even showing off your pride and joy to fellow boaters.
  • Improved project planning: Get accurate measurements for sail covers, bimini tops, or any other custom additions you have in mind. No more guesswork, just precise data for perfect results.
  • Share and collaborate: Easily share your 3D model with professionals for quotes or collaborate with fellow boaters on projects.
Is it all smooth sailing?

While Lidar scanning is impressive, it’s not perfect. Complex shapes or tight spaces might require some additional measurements. Also, all reflecting surfaces like mirror polished stainless steel, clear vinyl and glass are “invisible” for LiDAR. However, it’s still a significant leap forward in convenience and accuracy.

Ready to dive in?

Here’s what you need:

  • An iPhone with a Lidar scanner (iPhone 12 Pro and later models)
  • A reputable 3D scanning app (several options available, both free and paid)
  • A charged phone and a good dose of adventurous spirit!

So, ditch the tape measure, embrace the future, and 3D scan your way to a more informed and efficient boat ownership experience. Remember, the sea is calling, and with your iPhone by your side, you’re better equipped than ever to answer its call!

PS. This is how we do it every day.

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