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Sailing the Seas of Innovation at Venemessut 2024

Croche fender on Jade boats
Croche fender on Jade boats

The Helsinki Fair Center was abuzz with nautical excitement as the annual Venemessut boat fair hoisted its sails. As a passionate boater, I couldn’t resist diving into the vibrant atmosphere.

However, this year, something unexpected awaited: a solitary sailboat Dufour 470 stood amidst a vast ocean of motorboats. Not exciting.

A few gems truly captured my attention:

1. Jade Boats: Sleek Simplicity

Stepping into the Jade Boats exhibit was like entering a haven of minimalist elegance. Their handcrafted elecric boats exuded a timeless beauty, blending classic lines with modern functionality. But what truly impressed me was their commitment to sustainability. Incorporating eco-friendly materials like cork and linen throughout their construction, Jade Boats offer a guilt-free way to enjoy the water while minimizing environmental impact.

2. Saunacube Sauna: Bringing the Heat Wherever You Go

Who doesn’t dream of indulging in a rejuvenating sauna after a refreshing dip in the ocean? Saunacube‘s portable saunas turn that dream into reality. Imagine this: you’re anchored in a secluded cove, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. Then, you simply unfold your Saunacube, step inside, and let the warmth melt your worries away. Genius, right? This compact, easy-to-set-up sauna is perfect for boats of all sizes, making it the ultimate companion for adventurous boaters seeking wellness on the go.

3. Rand 23 Electric Boat: Silent Cruising, Electrifying Performance

As we move towards a more sustainable future, electric boats are gaining momentum. But the Rand 23 truly catched my sailboat captain eye. I imagined gliding across the water in near silence, in the city canals with this sleek and stylish Danish creation, leaving nothing but gentle ripples in wake.

These are just a few highlights from the vast and impressive array of offerings at Venemessut 2024. The fair filled me with inspiration and excitement for the future of boating. The focus on sustainability, innovation, and user-centric design is paving the way for a more responsible and enjoyable way to experience the wonders of the water.

Have you been to Venemessut? You can still go and see all of it with your own eyes.

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