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These patented, stand-off type mounts by Gemini Marine Products increase dramatically the possibilities for upgrading and adding attachments to sprayhoods, biminis and many other steel tube structures on the deck. Concave post and fork mounts are developed to mount solar panels on different covers. The stainless steel hinges make steel frames to fold. And they just look amazing!

We are proud distributors of Gemini Marine Products in EU.

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SUP board rack

Let's explore some instances where Gemini Marine mounts and stainless steel hinges truly stand out. For example this SUP board rack for motorboat. The customer desired a functional product with sleek and modern aesthetic for his brand new boat. We were so delighted with the outcome that we decided add it into our product portfolio.

Go strapless

Get rid of the classic tensioning straps for more freedom. Struts, not straps, push and hold bimini open and firm. Perfectly-tensioned canvas every time with nothing to adjust (and no pins, straps or hardware to lose). And last but not least, one more place to grab on foul weather.

Low and lean

Solar on liveaboard boats is more or less the standard. But we see more and more solar installations on coastal cruising boats, daycruisers and motorboats. Solar panels can keep this fridge going 24/7 and your batteries fully charged. Everywhere.

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