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Unleash the Thrill with TurboSwing Towbar

How TurboSwing Works

How TurboSwing towbar works

Leveraging your boat’s existing motor bracket, the TurboSwing effortlessly mounts and securely fastens to the boat’s strongest point. Crafted with premium stainless steel construction and equipped with a Delrin® self-lubricating pulley, the TurboSwing stands alone as the sole device rated for safely towing multiple tubes behind your boat.

Easy DIY installation

The TurboSwing installs in less than an hour so you can spend more time out on the water. By piggybacking on the existing motor bracket, all that is needed to complete the TurboSwing installation is the addition of 2 stabilizing bolts and to insert the tow bar - it's that easy!

Unmatched premium quality

Safely pulling several tubes is not easy, but TurboSwing is up to the challenge. With strong 316 stainless steel parts and a carefully designed mounting bracket, TurboSwing guarantees it’s really strong and dependable.

Smooth pulls, everytime

The TurboSwing EZ Pulley™ not only reduces friction on the rider but also enhances boat handling during towing. Its graceful movement along the curved tow bar ensures smooth lateral transitions, eliminating the line jerking often experienced with ski pylons and wakeboard towers.

Planning an upgrade?

Considering an upgrade to a larger outboard? Scale up your TurboSwing accordingly. Tailored to fit specific motor sizes and below, each TurboSwing model accommodates potential upgrades. Whether you decide to enhance your motor or not, rest assured that your larger TurboSwing will seamlessly integrate with your existing outboard.

TurboSwing products

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